Changing History by How Kuff
A genre-spanning philosophical novel
A radical look at basic ways of thinking and acting that shape our current affairs      
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This book is dedicated to the people from the top of the world… the Tibetans, wherever they may be through time and space.

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China wants world power. Water is the key to the future
. Tibet   is the key to the waters of Asia. It will take the World to force China to give this up. Control of water is control of humanity. We are all water and we all share water. China seeks domination. The people of Tibet are simply pawns in China’s quest for power.

The Chinese invaded Tibet 60 years ago and have suppressed, tortured and killed the Tibetans ever since the invasion. Prior to that, Tibet had a history of at least 1300 years of independence from China. In 821 China and Tibet ended almost 200 years of fighting with a treaty engraved on three stone pillars, one of which still stands in front of the Jokhang cathedral in Lhasa.

The Tibetans, sitting on the roof of the world, have developed a unique culture. For over 1000 years they studied Mind in their monasteries and came to an understanding of our place in the world that has not (and perhaps never will be) surpassed. The Chinese have been involved in destroying the culture since the invasion. To them the Tibetans represent a culture in direct opposition to their cultural revolution.

Tibet is the headwaters of most all the major rivers of Asia, which supply water to 1/3 of the Earth’s population (1/2 of Asia). The Chinese are trying to completely destroy the Tibetan culture so that they have free access to the minerals and water resources of the country. This is genocide.

The people of Tibet love the Dalai Lama and the Chinese have made it a crime to even own a picture of him. The Dalai Lama has been the spiritual leader of the people for nearly 700 years and the Chinese demonize him in attempt to break the culture of Tibet. The world needs to see the crimes of the Chinese and speak out for the Tibetans. If we do not the entire world will lose a great tradition of wisdom and knowledge.

Tibet should be declared a World Heritage Site, the Buddhist tradition should be allowed to flourish. The study of Mind allowed to continue and the waters and resources protected for all humanity.

We all share WATER. And we are all humans and will live and die as a race. Throughout our history we have forever warred for territory, power and resources. Let’s create a new World Heritage Site on the roof of the world dedicated to the Tibetans and to all World Citizens!