Changing History by How Kuff
A genre-spanning philosophical novel
A radical look at basic ways of thinking and acting that shape our current affairs      

Selected Poetry of Changing History

Mindful Matters

As the light of day emerges

The hardness of what’s been and known

Begins to crumble beneath me

I strive to hold the rising day

But I find myself asking

What life before

What life again

A puzzling piece

A speck of dust

A dazzling burnout

On this planet of rust?

As we tumble from high and rise again

We grasp at our own reflection

In the works that we create

We know our own insignificance

Yet are blinded by our light

We look without and we look within

But all we find is Mind

And Mind is what we Matter.


Stepping on Graves

Is it yours to give away?
Talk to my mother
Talk to my father
Talk to my grandparents
They are all around
When you speak to me
You speak to them.

Don’t tell me that nothing you’ve done
Has ever occurred before
You build up your wisdom by stepping on graves
But the memories are lasting
Their impact lives on
Though you cannot dream them
And no one can speak them
Every stake that you drive
And the earth as you strive
To hold and to plunder
To make spoils for all
Is a stake in the heart
And your doom to your fall.

OK laugh at the nonsense
Brush it aside
But you will only walk as far
As the weight that surrounds allows you to go
If the weight is not noticed and the burden not told
You’ll still carry the baggage
You’ll carry for all
And you will come down
As the buildings do fall
You will see clearly that nothing you do
Can outshine history’s unmaking
Of balance and form
That exists quite apart and alive from your norm.

So consider that all that you do and perform
Is balanced by all that you did to conform
Is balanced by all that was given to you
Is balanced by all that was taken away
Is balanced by all the bloodshed and hate.

Step to your maker
Dance your great dance
At some point you will realize
Just how deep is your trance
Just how long you have strung out
The punishment time
How you have sidestepped the boundaries
And outpaced the scorn
But some day you will die
And some day they will say
That all that he did was undone in a day.


One Gun

Crying myself to sleep
Crying for the haves and have nots
Crying for the dying and living
Crying for life and death
Crying for good times and bad times
Crying to feel the pain.

I have nowhere to go and I’ve nothing to do
I have nothing to hold onto and no one to see
I am alone and naked scared and free
I am crying to get back to some kind of unity
I am separate from him separate from you
I am separate from me from all that I do
I know nothing now and think nothing less
I find no answers and no judgment rules
I take on each moment and watch for the next
Always alert and prepared for the test.

Fear is the conqueror
It overcomes all
It knows not the boundaries
Between heaven and hell
It stalks us at night while we quietly rest
It prowls round our houses and all that we quest
Fear is our friend
Our savior our god
Worship it lightly
Since it will conquer all
Through fear peeks its mantra its all-knowing sense
Together we change and then just dispense
With our thoughts and our notions
Our goodness and greed
Our heavenly conceptions
Our unending pain
Just let it overcome us
And wash away stain
Fear is our garden our path and our lord
Without fear we have nothing
We are totally bored.

Guns are for playing
They kill and they maim
We have so much hate
Stored deep in our brains
We cannot escape the animal urge
To mark our possessions
And divide what spreads out
To garner our share
And others as well
To spring above poverty
To pull ourselves up
With our head in the clouds
And eyes in our butts
It takes only one to tango
And another to doubt
A third to lay claim to all that’s without
When violence has maimed and stolen and killed
We jump up in arms to deliver a lesson
To teach evil good
To correct what is wrong and heavenly should
Then war overcomes country
And all are amazed
That so much suffering must always take place.

It’s a cycle unbroken
Through all history
One man’s garden just looks a little bit green
It is taken and twisted and given away
To the holder of power
The forces of sway
Only one gun is necessary to make such a mess
One gun and mind driven by greed and love of the time
It takes two to fight it has always been said
But one gun alone can deliver the dead
When one gun does fire and push back the crowd
One gun must answer to prevent complete shroud
So what can we do if we’re never quite there
One gun exists so we must take up our share
One gun exists so we must bring the fight down
One guns exists
One hole in the heart
One stab in the back
One scream in the night
Can we ever change this idiot fact
That no one can rise ahead of the pack
That we are all bound by similar laws
That together we go
And together we fall?


One World

But wait
We are won
We are brought all together
We can worship the same gods and look the same way
We can spend all our money and it all flows straight up
So happy we are with our ridiculous grins
Shopping for crap that we can’t do without
Crap that was nowhere when our parents were about
Crap that is coming from everywhere around
It’s keeping us lonely
It’s dimming the sound.

The sound of the sirens alarms and the bells
The sound of our freedom being sucked in the well
The well of the wealthy the powered the clan
Power seeks power
It’s a natural fact
When power is given it rarely comes back
When power is stolen it fights with its might
To retain what it has and expand its domain
Power loves power
It rules over men.