Changing History by How Kuff
A genre-spanning philosophical novel
A radical look at basic ways of thinking and acting that shape our current affairs      
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In Response to Our Mounting Global Crises

War * Climate * Disease * Poverty * Water * Politics * Population * Energy * Freedom

Changing History a newly released

Globe-spanning * Genre-busting * Philosophical Novel

by How Kuff

presenting a bold new philosophy of

radical ethics

(November 2007 -- Fayetteville Arkansas U.S.A.) — Changing History, a new philosophical novel by How Kuff, addresses the ever-present cycles of hate and war that have ravaged human history. From the dramatic stories of seven global travelers who meet by happenstance in a snowstorm in the remote mountains of Tibet and spend the night in a teahouse with a traveling Buddhist monk and nun, emerge stark insights into human nature and the activities that shape our current affairs.

Changing History looks unflinchingly at the beings that we are and have been, connecting our global past to our global future… tracing connections across races, religions, politics and nations. The seemingly unrelated yet intertwined stories of the travelers conjoined with the contemplative musings of the monk and nun span the globe, slash through world affairs, delve into history and emerge through the continual cycles of violence to reveal not only our human failings, but more importantly our human potential.

During the night, the seven travelers tell tales of the circumstances and events that drove them to question fundamental aspects of their lives. In modern-day Chaucerian style, each compelling personal dilemma reveals drama and circumstances transcending race and culture. The travelers come to realize that their sagas of personal strife and conflict are interwoven in a web of relationships that span the globe and breach the metaphysical. As they grapple to make sense of their changed perceptions of humanity, an extraordinary event occurs that facilitates their departure with new purpose and direction.

How Kuff has worked eclectically and traveled the world, always with an eye toward nature and human affairs. His childhood quest to understand patterns and relationships led to degrees in Philosophy (B.S.) and Mathematics (B.S./M.S.), and a nature-based, energy-independent community-active lifestyle in the forests of the Ozark Mountains.

Changing History developed from How Kuff’s love of philosophy and his infatuation with Tibet… stimulated by his life-expanding bicycle trip from Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal. The mountains and Buddhist monasteries of Tibet provide the setting for the novel bringing the protagonists face-to-face with the crimes of China (and the world) toward Tibet, as well as the culture of Tibet and the Tibetans.

Changing History, ISBN: 978-0-595-46444-9, is published by iUniverse, and is available from the iUniverse bookstore (, or Contact How Kuff to arrange a book signing/reading or for more information.

“It was a pleasurable experience. I liked he mixture of poetry and prose, the exchange of ideas through dialogue, the tasteful eroticism, the presentation of human beings searching for the truth, for peace, for justice, for companionship. It is a soulful book, a spiritual book, yet it does not avoid the realities of the world. Thank you.” --- Howard Zinn author of A People’s History of the United States