Changing History by How Kuff
A genre-spanning philosophical novel
A radical look at basic ways of thinking and acting that shape our current affairs      
Changing History Readers Write...

Howard Zinn
(Author of A People's History of the United States)

"It was a pleasurable experience. I liked the mixture of poetry and prose, the exchange of ideas through dialogue... the presentation of human beings searching for the truth, for peace, for justice, for companionship. It is a soulful book, a spiritual book, yet it does not avoid the realities of the world. Thank you."

April 2008 ---MIPA Midwest Book Award Judging

"Well written composition and structure are pleasingly woven together -- that is the number of 'poetic' lines worked  into the text... This novel is for the world citizen; certainly to encourage the serious student to get on board a kind of global view of the world!... Credit Mr. Kuff for forging new territory!!"

May 30, 2008

How Kuff's Changing History is a wonderful book. The story is interesting, well written, and keeps you eager to see what is going to happen next. I greatly enjoyed reading the book just for the story which has fascinating characters in exotic settings dealing with important issues in life that many people struggle with. More important than the great story, however, is the message the book contains - that we can learn from our life experiences and act on what we learn. That right and wrong in life is not always clear cut but our experiences can help us determine or change what we think. That we can and should take a critical look at how we are living our lives and consider if our paths are leading both to our own happiness and to the happiness and well being of others. Lastly, that we can act on the results of our reflections on life. We can and should attempt to change our lives to be in line with what we believe. Acting on our beliefs is a difficult thing but the rewards are great and the result is nothing less than CHANGING THE WORLD. The actions of individuals matter. Too few people, in America, and in the world live according to their beliefs. How many people have careers that they find meaningless, menial, and maybe even unethical but continue in them for fear of doing the hard, scary, work of making the big change? How many people believe that global climate change is a growing threat to human life on earth yet continue to commute in SUV's and live in poorly insulated, energy inefficient homes? How many of us oppose the war in Iraq in our minds but never take the step of calling or emailing our congressmen to inform them of our opinions or attend a public protest to make our opinion known? What would be the national or global effect of even a small percentage of people making those changes?

Changing History provides examples of people who make some difficult changes in their lives. Perhaps reading this book can inspire a few more of us to change as well. The author, How Kuff, himself is a super example of a person who lives according to his beliefs. How lives by his ideals in so many ways and I speak from experience when I say that his example has inspired others to do so as well.

I strongly recommend reading Changing History and feel certain it will be successful in changing the world.

Jacques Boudoire (Pak Thong Chai, Thailand)

May 12, 2008

How Kuff's novel is a road map to wake up the inherent activist in all of us. Through the stories of travelers seeking their own personal solace from demons of various sorts, we learn that all of us have common experiences that created our own history and the worlds.

Changing History allows us to re-think our past present and future, "what if's" permeated my mind throughout my reading. How Kuff doesn't just write about change he's made significant changes to his own home, life, state and neighbors lives through activism, by his world travels I am sure he has changed history somewhere along the way. We all complain about everything and Changing History is a vessel that empowers us all to make changes.

As an accomplished Martial Artist this book is a must read for all of my adult students.

Five Big Stars ... Master Mark Seidel Perry Hall, Maryland

February 22, 2008

Just finished the book, it was absolutely awesome. I would say that it was more of an experience than a book. It really came around at the right time for me personally and I was able to break through a lot of issues that have been holding me back for some time now. Very inspirational and I would recommend it to anyone & everyone. If everyone thought like you & me this world would be a much more peaceful and tolerant place. Thank you for pouring your soul into the pages and inspiring a young man to help find himself.

Clayton Bell --- North Little Rock, Arkansas

February 18, 2008

One of the things that impress me about certain novels is uniqueness. Changing History is a book that falls in this category. The author has written a novel that is unlike anything I have ever read before.

How Kuff has traveled the world and you will be able to see how he turns this experience into a novel that is a wonderful read. This is the type of story that remains with the reader for a long time. I also like a novel that makes a reader do some thinking and this is exactly what Changing History does. As you read each person’s story, you will be doing some deep thinking and you will probably come to the same conclusion – we all play an important role today in making future history. This book is a compelling read and one you should add to your reading list. It is one that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Nancy Eaton ----

December 10, 2007

If insight can incite, if an enlightened response comes from shared wisdom, then Changing History might do just that. Philosophy thinly disguised as a novel reaches for a wider, younger, more adventurous audience than would be apt to read and ponder the same ideas and logic set in a more conventional framework. 

Author How Kuff brings together a group of world travelers and local pilgrims seeking shelter from a blizzard in the mountains of Tibet. Fortunately, they all get to a remote teahouse where they pass the time by each telling his or her story in turn. The resulting collection of short stories, with segments of prose, blank-verse poetry and Socratean dialogue interspersed with and following each, is reminiscent of early English classics such as Canterbury Tales or The Compleat Angler. In all three books mentioned, the basic plot development is similar. Strangers meet traveling and become friends; conversations start shallow and quickly go deep. All of the characters in Changing History contribute, each seeking high ground morally and spiritually, as well as in the landscape which drew them there. Shared aspirations extend the group to include the reader, with all on a common quest.

In incremental doses most readers can take, profound concepts and abstract reasoning keep appearing throughout the book, and eventually prevail as themes for discussion. The book finishes with the challenge implied by the title made clear, to conceptually bridge cultural gaps. This is neatly summarized by the short line of Tibetan script below the mantra. The positive and hopeful ending empowers the reader with the realization that future history is now, and that we change history by changing ourselves. Whether the travelers to Beijing end up as saviors, martyrs, or lost along the way; what is important is that the attempt was made. That’s what Changing History is all about.

Kent Bonar (The Naturalist)

Newton County Wildlife Association